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  • Intro to Critical Rationalism

  • IS IT BURNOUT? My journey through corporate work

  • Mindfulness and Epistemology: There Ain’t No Such Thing As Mindless Knowledge Generation

  • Prediction at the Expense of Explanation: Machine Learning in Climate Science

  • Analysis Methods for Neural Language Models

  • Learning in biological vs artificial neural networks

  • Self-Deception, Conspiracies, and Language Games

  • Stages Of Adult Cognitive Development

  • Philosophy of Therapy

  • Speculations on Constructor Theory And People

  • The Machinery of Discovery: reverse engineering the mind

  • The Honeyguide Bird

  • Adventure Games & the Future of Storytelling

  • NFTs and Philosophy Memes

  • The Mask of Anonymous: 4chan Culture 101

  • How Whisky gets Made

  • Taking Children Seriously: Q&A

  • Thoughts on the Buddhist Four Path Model

  • Readings on Trauma

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